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Develop a glossary of terms related to your industry

March 28, 2020

9 times out of 10, no matter what industry you’re in, search will drive most of the traffic to your site.  As such, developing new content that the search engine spiders will find and be able to index is paramount.  One trick I love that can produce a good amount of new content would be to develop a glossary of terms that are pertinent to your vertical. There are tons of words that are specific to certain products or services that may even have a different definition when used in another context. An added plus of this strategy is that if you structure your glossary in the form of a question, you have the upside if also qualifying for Google’s “People Also Ask” section which automatically gets higher placement on the search results query page than even regular organic results. Be sure to have one page that lists each term and when the reader clicks on the keyword phrase to see the definition, that definition is on a new standalone page. This will also increase the number of pages that Google has the ability to index which is also a very good thing.

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