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Email blasts by local time zones

March 28, 2020

One of the stronger tried and true methods of digital marketing has always been the “email newsletter”.  I still wholeheartedly believe that a consistent and insightful email marketing campaign can do wonders for keeping one’s brand top of mind for consumers and potential customers.  Your content team should spend hours poring over the topics and priority at which you place them in the newsletter but I don’t care if you’re writing the most captivating copy since the unseen script of the last episode of Game of Thrones, it doesn’t matter if no one opens the email. One great email hack is to talk to your ESP (email service provider) and see if you can implement staggered email sends that factors in the time zone of the recipient.  Best practices around email send times state that early afternoon on weekdays not including Monday or Friday tend to have better open rates than other times of the day.  In my experience, 1 PM ET is the best time to send but that also happens to be 10 AM PT.  To combat against this, I simply send at 1 PM local time for each recipient of my newsletter to make sure I’m catching everyone right after they get back from lunch and they have a bit of energy to peruse my rantings before they have to scurry off for that dreaded 3 PM meeting!  Local send times allow you to send at the perfect time of day to all of your readers.  Look into it!

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