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Moving from “Gift Guide” to “Gift Ideas”

March 28, 2020

When it comes to search (both organic and paid), you really need to put yourself in the shoes of the searcher and not only operate as the marketer.  One search hack that I’ve implemented in the past was to look at how traffic is driven to our “Gift Guide”.  Gift guides have been around since butter was churned by hand and are still being used today as you can still find them on many a retailer’s websites.  One subtle change you should think about is that you’ve probably never popped open the Google machine and put in “Father’s Day Gift Guide”.  Mainly because fathers get shafted for this day of celebration and are regulated to socks, ties and the big piece of chicken that evening but also because people type in searches in the same way that they speak and as such, a search for “gift ideas for dad” or “10th-anniversary gift ideas” is much more likely.  The key here is that humans say “gift ideas” and businesses say “gift guides”.  As such, be sure to swap all out those references to “guides” for “ideas” and watch how Mr. Google & Sir Bing all of a sudden will believe that your pages are suddenly more relevant to these types of search queries and you shoot up the leaderboards of search engine results.  Think of what phrases apply to your business and optimize your pages for how people search as oppose to traditional corporate talk and watch the positive effects it can have on search. 

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