Why Listen To Me?

My 22 years of marketing experience started in 1998, with the founding of my own internet marketing and web design company called Unorthodoks Marketing.  Working companies as large as Disney to start-ups just getting off the ground, Unorthodoks Marketing was created to help organizations of all sizes reach online multicultural audiences via an innovative yet effective approach towards driving revenue, growing traffic and/or building brand awareness.

After 9 long but amazing years, dozens of clients and hundreds of stories, I left the world of entrepreneurship to land my first real job as Deputy Director and head of ecommerce, digital marketing and operations of NYTStore.com, the online store of The New York Times.  Driving that division to one of the few departments to generate double digit growth year in and year out during a period when nearly all print companies were struggling still remains one of the feathers in my cap that I’m most proud of.  

Next stop for me was Turtle Beach, the leading 3rd party manufacturer of video gaming accessories that allowed me to operate as Director of Digital Marketing & Media managing and controlling any & everything that had “dot com” attached to it for a business that was grossing nearly $300 million dollars annually…and growing!  Complete website redesign, introduction of several web marketing tactics and the tripling global website traffic are just a few of the accomplishments I was able to attain during my years at Turtle Beach.

More of an integrated and omnichannel marketer in this role, I’ve launched the company’s first foray into several different marketing initiatives such as radio advertising via live reads (hand-written by yours truly) from Howard Stern, as well as, ecommerce tactics including but not limited to affiliate marketing, retargeting, prospecting, SMS marketing and video advertising.

My 2 decades plus of experience covers all aspects of targeting and reaching people and driving them into retail locations and/or ecommerce sites, using print and radio, as well as, across a multitude of devices using methods, including but not limited to, machine learning and AI driven bidding, social media marketing, social media advertising, paid search (SEM), organic / natural search (SEO), affiliate marketing, email marketing, SMS marketing, video advertising, cart abandonment, browse abandonment, entry pop-up and exit behavior email capture, dynamic and static display banners advertising, retargeting and prospecting.

As a person who thrives in high-pressure and fast-paced situations, I’ve always been able to strike a balance between running tried and true marketing initiatives and exploring emerging tactics and technologies  to ensure that I have a well-rounded and diverse approach to driving brand awareness, traffic and revenue.  It is this approach that requires that I not only stay up to date on the latest and greatest in digital marketing but also demands that I have a deep and granular understanding of the intricacies of each method and how to optimize it to success. I have real world working, hands on practice, as well as, management/mentorship experience that makes me an amazing choice as a solo speaker, presenter or panel participant.  I invite you to reach out to me and discuss what I will be able to add to your event.