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Rigorous Page by Page Site Analysis

March 28, 2020

When it comes to being more rigorous on your website and especially with individual web page analysis, one should start at the top of the page and look at every single element on the page and ask themselves questions about how you can optimize things to make it better. For example, at the top of your homepage, you may have a slider highlighting new products or important messaging or an ongoing deal/discount. Ask yourself, is it the right number of sliders?  What’s getting the most attention? Is attention determined by the messaging or is attention determined by the positioning/order?  Is there an award ticker on your page or are there categories that your products are divided up by? 

Each can have a set of 2 to 5 questions that you should be able to ask yourself when it comes to performance. All these different questions that you can ask should allow you to leverage Google Analytics or WebTrends or whatever your analytics tool is to see what people are doing when they visit your website and so, you can make sure you’re optimizing to provide the best possible the user experience for each visitor.

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