I am Keenan Davis

I’ve been called a lot of things by a lot of people.  Most of those things are arrogant, some of them are insulting, a few of them are downright mean and would be really offensive to someone who didn’t have the unique sense of humor that I have but if I’m being honest, I’ve probably called myself half of the insulting ones and damn sure all of the flattering ones.  I’m not really mean to myself so I can’t claim those, but I can admit that they’re funny!

I’m everything from an athlete to a bookworm, an eternal optimist to a self-reflective thinker, a jokester to a methodical strategist…but most of all, I’m a pretty good guy.  I can go on and on about that last adjective, but I doubt you’re here this for that.  You’re here to understand how I landed on your radar as an internet marketer.  An expert in ecommerce.  A well-rounded veteran of a fairly young vertical called digital marketing.  Now that I will get into in one amazing run-on sentence!

I bring over 2 decades of experience in all aspects of integrated and omni-channel marketing targeting people in retail stores, via print and radio, as well as, across a multitude of devices with a focus on ecommerce and digital marketing, including social media, paid search (SEM), organic / natural search (SEO), affiliate marketing, email marketing, retargeting, prospecting and display advertising. Proven results include increased revenue, traffic growth, enhanced brand equity and interactive community engagement across a global business.